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CCRC Convenes 2023 Work Conference
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On February 22, the Credit Reference Centre, the People’s Bank of China (“CCRC”) held the 2023 work conference. Chen Jianhua, Secretary of the CPC CCRC Committee, made a work report on behalf of CPC CCRC Committee.

The conference summarized the performance of CCRC in 2022. In 2022, CCRC strengthened the leading role of Party building, promoted the performance of its duties, continuously improved the quality and efficiency of finance serving the real economy, and opened a new era of credit reporting and movables financing with China characteristics. The New Scheme for Function Allocation, Internal Organization Structure and Staffing was implemented and the organizational structure optimized and reconstructed. We in CCRC significantly improved the coverage, efficiency and inclusiveness of the credit reporting and movables financing service system, kept optimizing our products and services, and improved the data security management and operation and maintenance system. We realized the parallel operation of the production system and the disaster recovery system for the second-generation credit reporting system and the Unified Registration System of Movable Security and Interests. Now, our three financial infrastructures based in Shanghai and Tianjin are all put into operation.

The conference also made arrangements for the key tasks in 2023, demanding that we take Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as our guidance to thoroughly carry out and implement the spirits of the 20th CPC National Congress and the Central Economic Work Conference, and the spirit of the work meeting of the People’s Bank of China, and adhere to the general tone of striving for progress while maintaining stability. The conference also demands that we should, based on the overall strategic situation and the New Scheme for Function Allocation, Internal Organization Structure and Staffing, keep up our spirits, move forward firmly, and do a good job in all aspects to ensure improvement of the quality and reasonable increase in quantity of the credit reporting and movables financing services.