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CCRC Holds the Work Conference for the Second Half of 2021
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On August 3, the Credit Reference Center, the People’s Bank of China (“CCRC”) held the Work Conference for the Second Half of 2021. Director-General Zhang Zihong conveyed the spirit of the work conference of the People’s Bank of China for the second half of 2021. Chen Jianhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCRC, delivered a work report on behalf of the Party Committee of CCRC. Deputy Director-General Wang Zhenzhong presided over the Conference and made a summary. Li Qingsong, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, Li Chaodong, Shidong and Li Liansan, Deputy Directors-General, attended the Conference.

The Conference noted that in the first half of this year, CCRC, taking the opportunity of learning the Party’s history, continued to forge ahead and effectively promoted work in key areas including transition to the second-generation credit reporting system, construction of the disaster recovery system in Shanghai, and the unified registration of security over movables and rights. Work in other areas was also carried out in an orderly manner with remarkable results. The Conference earnestly conveyed and implemented the spirit of the work conference of the PBC for the second half of the year, and arranged and deployed the key work of CCRC for the second half of the year. The Conference demanded that us in the CCRC should work hard and pursue innovation as we study and implement the spirit of Xi Jinping’s important speech on July 1. We should continue to practice the concept of “facilitating credit reference services for the benefit of the people”. Our work in key areas will show how we learn the Party's history and the spirit of the important speech of Xi Jinping. The Conference also emphasized the need to strengthen flood control and pandemic containment, requiring careful examination of flood-control equipment and in key places, and strict implementation of normalized pandemic containment measures.

All cadres and workers of CCRC, and the management and employee representatives of affiliated companies attended the Conference.